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Advantages of Getting a Sugar Glider as a Pet / Benefits of Getting a Sugar Glider as a Pet / Reasons Why You Should Get a Sugar Glider as a Pet

A Sugar Glider is a pouched mammal in the same category as a Kangaroo or Koala Bear. A fully grown Sugar Glider is no bigger than your palm and would normally travel in your pocket or on your shoulder. It gets its name from its habit of eating only sweet fruits as well as the gliding membrane that extends from its wrist to foot like some squirrels allowing it to glide over short distances. Over the past fifteen years, Sugar Gliders have gained popularity as wonderful pets. So, what qualifies them as the best pets?

First, it does not cost much to take care of one. Except from the buying price, the money you spend on them is very little since they are tiny animals whose diet normally consists of fruits and vegetables. These are foods you would normally have in the house already without breaking into a cold sweat. An apple slice, cabbage leaf or a carrot slice can constitute a meal quite easily Pelleted Sugar Glider food is affordable and an easy source of protein and vitamins as opposed to animal-based sources that may give your pet a funky smell. The other only expense would be buying it a cage which once bought will serve many years. You won’t have to spend on trips to the vet as Sugar Gliders have no known illnesses and therefore do not need vaccination or regular treatment expenses.

Sugar Gliders are also very clean pets and you don’t have to spend any time fixing messes they are responsible for. Though the Sugar Glider may resemble hamsters and mice due its small size, it is NOT a rodent and does not leave a trail of dirt and destruction in its wake. The Sugar Glider is akin to a house cat in terms of good grooming and cleanliness.

Lastly, a Sugar Glider is a very smart animal that is easily trained to do tricks just like a dog. The Sugar Glider is a social creature and will bond to you within the twelfth to fifteenth week of its life just as it would its colony in the wild. It lives up to fifteen years and is therefore a suitable family pet. They bond well with other pets within the home given a short period of training. This is due to the fact they do not have the scent of an animal that cats and dogs would consider as edible but is instead is a Metatheria animal Everything put into consideration, the Sugar Glider will mesh extremely well with your family and pets.

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