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Helping an Addict

You may have heard people say that addictions are meant for certain people. They think that all addiction is linked to specific genes. As much as genetic predisposition may play a role in several addiction cases, all other forms of addiction are a testament to the fact that addiction does not discriminate on who it will hit. You can become an addict as easily as the next person, despite your gender, race, class or other distinguishing factors. It is worse since an addiction becomes apparent once it has taken root.

An addiction enslaves a person. It makes you do anything to get a fix. You can see this in how an addict is unbothered with how bad their life has become. All their attention and care goes to getting high, as their lives shatter without a shred of care from them.

Surprisingly, an addiction is motivated by factors you would not imagine could lead to such destruction. You end up an addict simply by trying to feel pleasure, to get rid of stress, to perform much better at school or work, and through peer pressure. As you keep using and, at this point, abusing those substances, you allow the addiction to take an even stronger grip on your life.

No addict is ever the same person again. You will see changes in your personality. It is how people end up with habits and behaviors that are completely strange to them now. Those who know you will see change in you that you may not even be aware is apparent. Your health will deteriorate, due to the chemicals found in drugs which interfere with the normal functioning of your physical and mental systems. It is how you see someone with symptoms like weight loss, unhealthy skin, teeth and nails, memory loss, issues with your speech, mood swings, irritability, an affinity for falling ill, glazed eyes, depression, and thoughts of suicide. The sad part is the addiction keeps you away from noticing those changes or doing something about them.

You can be saved from an addiction, but only with the right approach. First of all, reprimanding them for being addicts does nothing to help. A better angle would be to find out why they became addicts, to begin with. Take time to talk to them, highlighting how bad they are faring on, and why they need to change things. Love and acceptance works wonders in convincing them to seek help. Your support is necessary for them to undergo the recovery treatment, and afterward.

You need to avoid begging them to go for treatment. They have to make that decision. You will find even more points to guide you through the process, as you try to help them the right way. Finding a good addiction treatment and recovery center is important. You can check out this site for more info.
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